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140 Balboa Street @ 3rd Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94118


Science Summer Camp 2018 schedule is now posted here


Join one or more of our week long sessions of science topics we consider either essential or absolutely fascinating! 

Our camps are designed by scientists from UCSF and SFSU, reviewed by science curriculum development experts at the Weizmann Institute of Science and often are taught by scientists.  Our program offerings change almost entirely every year.

Our camps provide an in-depth journey into the subject matter mixed with fun, hands-on activities and are driven by the kids’ curiosity. 

Each session has no more than 14 children with 2 teachers in each.

A typical day looks like the following:

Science activities and learning
11:30 12
12 1:00 pm
Recess at nearby Rossi Park, a beautiful park is located 3 blocks away
1 4 pm
More fun science and project work
Extended Care:
8-9am & 4-6pm

We provide a snack daily of seasonal fresh fruits mid morning and dry snack in the afternoon.  Kids bring their own lunch to school unless otherwise written. 

Our engineering programs guarantee a minimum numbers of girls to assure creative diversity. 

All of us here are waiting to discover together with you some of the most fascinating topics in science!!