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Celsius and Beyond

Science Summer Camp 2017

Each year our programs change almost entirely.  We therefore suggest that if you see a program you like, that you sign up for it early as it may not be offered again for another 2-4 years or perhaps never again. 

Please scroll down the page to see calendar and pricing information

Celebrating this year Marie Curie’s 150th Birthday with two great chemistry programs!

The Great Hunt for the Periodic Table's Elements

Join us for a dazzling week as we follow in the footsteps of great chemists, from Marie Curie and Linus Pauling to modern innovators Dan Nocera and Carolyn Bertozzi. You will discover the building blocks of our world while you build your own periodic table from some of the most important elements. We will also acquire samples from household items or from chemical reactions to isolate elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, iodine, silver, iron, and chromium. We will see how different elements react with one another to melt, change color, turn to gas, or burn with a spectacular flame! At the end of the week, parents will join us for a demonstration of the new powers you have acquired through your knowledge of the elements. 

Students will be working with lab-grade chemicals that may be hazardous if mishandled. All students must be mature enough to closely follow safety instructions and handle chemicals respectfully.

Led by Chrissy Stachl. Chrissy is a Ph.D. Candidate at UC Berkeley in Physical Chemistry. She has taught undergraduate students at University of Washington and graduate students at UC Berkeley. She conducted research at UC Berkeley, Max Planck Society in Berlin, University of Edinburgh and University of Washington. Chrissy holds a B.S. in Chemistry with honors from University of Washington.

Paint by Periodic Number
Chemistry and Art

Do you like to create art? So did the many humans who came before you millions of years ago.What you will learn, that they did not know, is how chemistry enables humans to express their feelings through color. We will explore how chemistry plays a part in art, from the simple drawings done by cavemen to the masterpieces that displayed complex concepts of chemical engineering. We will follow in the footsteps of famous chemists by conducting hands-on experiments involving acids and bases, purification and much more. We will mix our own paint and use it as it was used in different periods in history.By combining art and chemistry, we will experience the science of beauty and creativity.

Campers will be using MUNI to visit the DeYoung Museum.

Led by Ben Kenna. Ben is an accomplished artist who holds a B.S. in Chemistry from San Francisco State University.

Urban Explorers Club
Environmental Science

IntoWildStrap on your hiking shoes and grab your backpacks. We’re going on a wilderness adventure! This summer we will journey far and wide through San Francisco as an exploratory naturalist team. Our crew will be sampling, observing, and documenting the treasures of nature hidden throughout our city. Team members learn how to outfit themselves for a proper day in the woods, identify native plants and animals, build a fire without matches, and create a comprehensive naturalist journal. We will climb along the coastal habitats of Lands End Trail and Mile Rock Beach, trek up wooded mountain hills, track animals through Golden Gate Park, and analyze the importance of pollinators in ecosystems at the Conservatory of Flowers. Student naturalists will make animal track t-shirts, use topographic maps and compasses, observe eco-tones between diverse land and sea habitats in the city, and gain the skills to lead the whole family on exciting day trips into the wild!

Campers will take public transportation to Land's End, Presidio,Ocean Beach, and Golden Gate Park

Led by Alex Tranovich. Alex is an outdoor environmental educator on Catalina Island where he teaches and inspires youth about conservation. He previously led teen groups on trips to Europe and taught at Celsius. Alex earned his B.A. with honors in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara.

Trauma Center - Medicine

It’s sudden. It’s unexpected. It’s traumatic. Serious injuries can occur at any time and must be handled by the most skilled professionals. These professionals ca be found at the ever-busy trauma center. We will replicate a real-life trauma center and introduce you to patients who will rely on your skills to save them. Each day will present new challenges as you meet different patients and diagnose what is needed to keep them alive. You will draw blood and test it for type, glucose, and oxygen. You will hold real human organs in your hands and learn how to treat them for different injuries. You’ll also master skills such as bone repair, removal of bullets, suturing and CPR. On our last day, you will save a frog by performing mock surgery, showcasing your new skills!

Campers will prick their fingers to draw blood under strict safety protocol. They can choose to opt out of this activity.

Led by Ray Gylys. Ray is currently a medical school student at UCSF. Ray worked as a scriber for 6 years in the emergency room as well as trained new hires. He conducted research at UCLA seeking cures for Alzheimer’s disease. Ray mentors high school students who are under-represented in the healthcare professions. He holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from UC Santa Barbara where he graduated with top honors.

More than Meets the Eye - Ophthalmology

Our eyes are the second-most complex organ, after our brain. Each eye is composed of more than 2 million parts working together.We will learn how this sophisticated organ communicates between the environment and the brain by tricking our own eyes with optical illusions and conducting fun experiments. We will dissect a cow’s eye, build our own camera obscura, and replicate symptoms of eye diseases.Finally, we will block our own vision and conduct exercises to better understand how the visually-impaired navigate the world, including hitting a pinata with our eyes covered!

Campers will take MUNI to Ocean Beach to visit Camera Obscura.

Led by Emily Choh. Emily holds an Optometry Doctorate from UC Berkeley. Emily has been performing eye exams for over two years. She taught biology to undergraduate students at UC Berkeley as well as tutored youth. Emily has a B.A. in Integrative Biology with a minor in Education from UC Berkeley.

Drivers Wanted - Porsche 911
Mechanical Engineering Truck

Hidden under the hood of every vehicle is a complex and mysterious engine. We want to demystify this magnificent machine by having you build your own car from start to finish! With the help of more than 2700 pieces of LEGO Technic, TM you will build the awesome, motorized Porsche 911 GT3 RS racecar! In the process, you will examine the theory and mechanics of an engine with moving pistons, suspension springs, brake calipers, steering rack and gear box. Your completed product will give you a new appreciation and understanding of the science behind this classic high-performance automobile.

Campers have the option to purchase their completed car for $150 (Retail: $299). First come, first served.

Dissecting Your Way to Understanding Anatomy

Wouldn’t it be great if we could unzip our skin and take a quick peek inside our body? For practical reasons, we will instead take a look inside other organisms such as squid, shrimp, clams, frogs, mice, chickens, sheep and pigs. By dissecting each organism and understanding its environment, we will learn why humans and animals are the way they are. We will touch and feel organs such as hearts, brains and eyes and learn about their particular function. By the end of the week, you'll be an expert on many of the key organs and their functions - you will even be ready to perform a medical exam!

Led by Lily Barnard. Lily is a medical school student at UC San Francisco. Lily is an fierce advocate for equality in healthcare. She worked with many organization in improving access to and quality of care to all. Lily holds a B.S. in biology and community health from Tuff University.

Fundamentals of Programming - Scratch, C++, Arduino

Stella, our “crack” programmer teacher, is really looking forward to seeing lots of girls in this camp!

Be a master of the digital world you increasingly use. Take the first step in learning how to make it work your way by learning how to code the way that works best for kids. You will first explore the renowned educational and visual Scratch programming language to become familiar with the power and abilities of computer science by making your own games and animations. Later, you will move on to learn C++ and learn good fundamental programming practices, including modular programming, distinguishing between variables and declarations, and utilizing global variables. You will get to explore these concepts further through a physical presentation of programming with Arduino. Programming is changing the world. Start now.

Led by Stella Seo.Stella is a bioengineering student at UC Berkeley. She founded and directed a robotics outreach program for underrepresented youth. For her work, she received the Presidential Volunteer Award – Gold. She participated in robotics competitions for 12 seasons where she won world titles three times.

LEGO Engineering
Introduction / Grades 2-3 

Get a head start by exploring the foundations of building and programming. We will have “way too much fun” building an amusement park throughout the week, complete with a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and more. Our construction project will teach us basic concepts such as potential and kinetic energy, balance, center of gravity, and ratchet mechanisms. We will work to improve our projects by observing their performance and experimenting with incremental changes.

LEGO Robotics Mindstorm EV3
Beginners / Grades 4-6

Build motorized zip lines, race cars, robotic animals and more using the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 system. We will learn how to write basic computer software programs using a child-friendly application that will control our robots wirelessly through its sound, touch and light sensors. Our imagination and new skills will create several robots each day.

LEGO Robotics Mindstorm EV3
Advanced / Grades 4-9

Take your Lego Mindstorm® LEGO skills to a new level by challenging yourself to build sophisticated robots. You will learn advanced programming and elaborate robot designs. Small groups and personalized instruction will bring out the best in you and being with like-minded kids will get your creative juices going!
Pre-requisite: previous attendance of a Mindstorm Beginners camp or the ability to program a robot to move forward, backwards and turn as well as loops and switches programming.

Led by Jae Seo. Jae has been teaching robotics and leading FIRST Lego League for the past 8 years. His teams have won many awards during this time, including first place at the State Championship. Jaemin attends UC Irvine where he is majoring in Economics.


Metalsmith - Precious Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay What happens when you mix clay molding with Silver and Bronze? You get Precious Metal Clay! In this camp, students will explore the material known as PMC to create fantastic original metal jewelry. Starting with the clay, campers create their jewelry as if they were modeling it in regular clay, through the process, the work is fired in a kiln at high temperatures to reduce it down to the pure metal. This technique allows young artists to craft skillfully in metal with more ease than working with sheet metal, or wire. Fancy stones, and embellishments can be added later to make pieces more wearable, and finished. Parents are welcome to an openhouse on the last day of camp for a show of camper's work, when they describe their process, and show off their bling!

Led by Emma Macchiarini Mankin-Morris. Emma is a third generation metalsmith. She draws her inspiration from the work of her father and grandfather, as well as her love for the natural world. Emma earned a B.A. at UC Santa Barbara and an M.F.A. at John F. Kennedy University.

Inspired by Nature, Designed by You

What do Velcro and airplanes have in common? Both were invented by mimicking nature. Biomimicry examines nature, its processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from it in order to improve our lives.
Through observations and fun hands-on activities, we will learn from plants and animals to design buildings and furniture. With teamwork, observations, research and brainstorming, teams will be challenged to combine their knowledge and imagination to design items that save energy, minimize or eliminate waste, and save material cost. Some of the projects may be so cool, they will become conversation pieces in your living room!

The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci - Engineering

It has been more than 500 years since the passing of Leonardo Da Vinci, yet his discoveries and inventions are still viewed with awe. His curiosity and imagination led him to create masterpieces that serve as wonderful teaching tools, even today. We will build and explore some of his most famous inventions, including: his catapult, helicopter, tank and ornithopter. We will also guide you through the hands-on building of your own machines, using the technology of today, including hydraulics. Finally, will learn about the life of Da Vinci to see what traits guided him to his greatness and how we can understand and access those traits in ourselves. By week’s end, you will take home all of your creations as inspiration and a reminder of the great things YOU can do.

Cracking the Code
Cryptography and Codes

The first note that appeared in Professor Dumbledor’s green mail box just said “svok.” There was no address or stamp to reveal more information. The next day’s note was a blank page. The day after, the note was just a cryptic paper full of holes. Then, an even stranger note arrived. Dumbledore understood he needed help. Since Harry Potter had already graduated, he decided to consult the students of Celsius and Beyond!

We will help the frustrated Dumbledore by examining and cracking codes from centuries past.We will decipher the Medieval Indian code and study the Enigma and first computer. For added fun, we will solve a number of math riddles, visit the seven bridges of Konigsberg and build our own Platonic models. In the end,Dumbledore will appreciate our efforts and fill us with code-cracking compliments

Led by Carmel Bar. Carmel is the former head of the mathematics outreach department at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Prior, she taught gifted and at-risk youth at the Institute. Carmel has an M.S. Developmental Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and a B.S. in Biology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Fashion and Math

When you look in the mirror, you normally don’t think about math, but you should. Without your thinking about it, your brain reacts to certain shapes and colors, finding beauty in some and ugliness in others. We will learn about the math behind fashion and apply it to how we style our clothing. We will explore the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence, and Pascal’s triangle in order to quantify beauty, as well as patterns and harmony. We also will use our new math skills to better style ourselves. At the end of the week, parents will be invited to a mathematical-fashion show like no other!

Green Film Making

The San Francisco Bay Area is known throughout the world for its majestic, natural beauty, but the Bay is also known for being the most invaded aquatic region on Earth. Half of its fish and most of its bottom-dwelling organisms are non-native species. In addition, our water holds high concentrations of harmful bacteria. We will investigate the roots of these problems and film our journey in the process. Through hands-on filmmaking exercises, you will learn visual storytelling, filmmaking techniques, directing, production sound, production lighting, cinematography, and editing. At the end of the week, we will share our movie with parents and other campers to help bring awareness to the issue.

The topic for the week of July 17th will be invasive species and on July 24th will be water pollution. Both movies will be submitted to film festivals.

Led by Dror Hytner and TJ Vanek. Dror is an award-winning film director specializing in commercials and short films. He is a graduate of Beit Zvi, Israel, and has taught there for many years.


Balboa-Our year-round studio on 140 Balboa, San Francisco, CA 94118 /cross street 3rd Ave.

Raoul Wallenberg High School- 40 Vega Street (Behind Geary Street's Target store). Cross street is Anza/O'Farrell.

Temple Emanu-El- 2 Lake Street Cross street is Arguello

Commonwealth- 51 Commonwealth Ave (building to right of St. Gregory's Armenian Church). Cross street is California. Located here.

All locations are 10 minutes driving distance from each other.

****ALL CAMP HOURS 9:00am - 4:00pm

Date Class Grade in Sept 2017 Location
May 30-June 2 Eyes 3-5 Wallenberg
Programming 6-9 Wallenberg
June 5-9 Biomimicry 2-3 Wallenberg
Chemistry and Art 3-5 Wallenberg
Trauma 4-5 Wallenberg
  Da Vinci 4-6 Wallenberg
Eyes 6-8 Wallenberg
  Programming 6-9 Wallenberg
Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
June 12-16 Urban Explorers 1-2 Wallenberg
Chemistry and Art 3-4 Wallenberg
Anatomy 4-5 Wallenberg
  Trauma 5-6 Wallenberg
Metalsmith 5-9 Balboa
  Periodic Table 6-8 Wallenberg
Programming 6-9 Wallenberg
June 19-23 Chemistry and Art 1-3 Wallenberg
LEGO Engineering 2-3 Wallenberg
Trauma 3-4 Wallenberg
Urban Explorers 4-5 Wallenberg
Da Vinci 4-6 Wallenberg
Biomimicry 5-6 Wallenberg
  Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
Programming 6-9 Wallenberg
June 26-30 Chemistry and Art 2-4 Wallenberg
Biomimicry 3-4 Wallenberg
  Da Vinci 3-5 Wallenberg
LEGO Robotics Beginners 4-6 Wallenberg
Trauma 5-7 Wallenberg
Periodic Table 6-9 Wallenberg
Programming 5-9 Wallenberg
July 5-7 Urban Explorers 2-4 Wallenberg
  Anatomy 3-5 Wallenberg t
  Lego Robotics Beginners 4-6 Wallenberg
  Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
July 10-14 Lego Engineering 2-3 Wallenberg
Chemistry and Art 2-4 Wallenberg
Trauma 3-4 Wallenberg
Anatomy 4-5 Wallenberg
  Urban Explorers 4-6 Wallenberg
Eyes 6-9 Wallenberg
  Periodic Table 6-9 Wallenberg
Cryptography 6-9 Wallenberg
July 17-21 Urban Explorers 2-4 Wallenberg
Eyes 4-5 Wallenberg
Chemistry and Art 4-5 Wallenberg
  LEGO Robotics Beginners 4-6 Wallenberg
Metalsmith 5-7 Balboa
  Anatomy 5-7 Wallenberg
Cryptography 5-8 Wallenberg
Fashionmatical 5-8 Wallenberg
  Green Film Making 6-9 Wallenberg
July 24-28 Biomimicry 2-5 Emanu-El
Chemistry and Art 3-4 Emanu-El
Fashionmatical 3-5 Emanu-El
Eyes 4-5 Balboa
LEGO Robotics Advanced 4-9 Emanu-El
Anatomy 5-8 Emanu-El
  Periodic Table 6-9 Emanu-El / Waitlist
  Green Film Making 6-9 Emanu-El
July 31-August 4 Biomimicry 1-2 Emanu-El
LEGO Engineering 2-3 Emanu-El
Urban Explorers 4-5 Emanu-El
  Chemistry and Art 4-6 Emanu-El / Wait list
  Da Vinci 5-7 Emanu-El
Drivers Wanted Porsche 911 5-7 Emanu-El / 1 spot left
  Anatomy 6-9 Emanu-El
Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
Aug 7-11 Chemistry and Art 1-2 Emanu-El
  Biomimicry 2-4 Emanu-El
Urban Explorers 3-4 Emanu-El
DaVinci 4-6 Emanu-El
LEGO Robotics Beginners 4-6 Emanu-El
  Periodic Table 5-7 Emanu-El / 1 spot
  Drivers Wanted Porsche 911 5-7 Emanu-El
Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
Aug 14-18 LEGO Engineering 1-3 Emanu-El / waitlist
Da Vinci 3-5 Emanu-El
  Chemistry and Art 4-5 Emanu-El / 2 spots left
Biomimicry 5-7 Emanu-El / special $100 off - email for details
  Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
Urban Explorers 6-9 Emanu-El
August 21-25 Biomimicry 1-3 Balboa (Daily rate) Canceled
  Da Vinci 3-5 Balboa (Daily rate)
  Chemistry and Art 5-7 Balboa (Daily rate)

    Fees and Policies:

    ● Early Bird until March 15: $475 per week.
    ● Camp Fees: $510 per week after March 15th
    ● Week of July 4th: $325, May 31: $425 per week

    ● Daily Rate on the week of August 21: $105

    An annual insurance/registration fee of $25 is required for each family account.

    Multiple Session Discount - Also applicable to siblings
    - Sign up for 2 sessions: receive a total of $40 off
    - Sign up for 3 sessions: receive a total of $75 off
    - Sign up for 4 sessions or more: $140 off or more (at $35 per session)
    Refer friends (siblings excluded) who have never attended a Celsius camp before and receive either a credit of $50 off a future camp or a refund of $30 per referral. Further details can be found on registration site.

    Camps for the week of August 21 will be offered on a daily basis at $105 per day beginning July 15th (if available).

    Please email if you wish to sign up for daily sessions that week.

    Materials fee: Anatomy: $25. Cryptography $25.

    Extended Care:
    - Early morning extended care from 8am to 9am
    - Afternoon extended care from 4pm up to 6pm.
    - Advanced payments (prior to start of camp) for all Extended Care are $12 per hour ($50/$100 for all 5 days for one/two hours per day).
    - Ad Hoc during the week of camp are billed at $15 per hour.
    - Pick up after 6pm will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per minute (no grace)
    - Extended Care is billed in one hour increments after a 10 minute grace period.

    Any changes (other than cancellation) to previously confirmed sessions shall be assessed a $35 fee. Transferring sessions is subject to availability.

    ● Our Emmanu-EL location is a Jewish synagogue. Being respectful of their tradition and values, parents are kindly requested NOT to include pork or shellfish in any lunch provided to their children.

    Cancellation Policy:

    - Before May 1st: Refund less $200 cancellation fee per session or a credit for the price paid, less $100 cancellation fee per session canceled. Credit is good towards any Celsius and Beyond camp or class (excludes birthday parties) for one year after date of initial registration.
    - After May 1st No refunds for cancellations after May 1st:
    - More than one month prior to the start date of camper's session, a credit for 50% of the total price paid good for one year after date of initial registration.
    - more than 3 weeks notice = 30% credit of total price paid.
    - less than 3 weeks and greater than 5 days notice = 20% credit of total price paid.

    Please Note: There are no refunds or reduction in fees for days missed due to illness, absence, vacations, change in family circumstance during camp sessions, suspension or dismissal.

    In lieu of a refund, parents can choose to donate cancelled session fees to a child from the Raphael House Family Homeless Shelter.

    ● Payment Policy:

- We accept cash, check, e-check and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover). Reservations are not confirmed without payment received. Online registration and payment ensures immediate confirmation. Payments by check should be sent in within 3 days of making an online reservation or the spot will be released.