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Learn about your rate of biological aging by participating in a study on telomeres

Cell Sense is research study being conducted by Telome Health, Inc., a company founded by UCSF researchers committed to a deeper understanding of telomere science and how it can promote optimal human health. The study seeks to learn more about telomere length, and the natural rate of change over time, and how it varies with age and lifestyle.  We are looking for non-smoking men and women, 20-79 years old, to take part in this year-long study.

We will ask you to complete simple questionnaires, and we will collect small amounts of blood and saliva at baseline, 6 months and 12 months.  Soon after the 12 month visit, you may choose to get your telomere length as well as find out its rate of change over time.  

Telomere length is one of the best biomarkers of overall health status. It is a major "integrator" of a broad range of current and lifelong factors that impact health, including genetics, diet, fitness, toxins, and chronic stress. Telomere length reflects physiological age (as opposed to chronological age) as well as health status, since short telomeres accelerate age-related decline in the body. We believe there are benefits of knowing your telomere length and rate of aging, in that it can provide you with important knowledge about your disease risk, and can help you take control of your health and discover your own health “personal best.” This study is a first step toward that, and participants will be helping establish telomere length ‘norms.’

Join us in this research to help our team discover how telomere length can change the way we approach health.
•      Be  among the first to know telomere length, and further, see how it changes at 3 points of time over 1 year. The rate of change may be important, as it is a modifiable index of aging.
·      Attend an educational session on telomere science from members of our Founding team, and learn how to interpret results, as well as how to best maintain the health of your  cells.
Reimbursement: $20.00 reimbursement for your time in participating for each of the three visits. To learn more about the study, see the Cell Sense Study
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Posted: February 2012