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Parent Reviews

You’ve done it again!  Robyn had the best time at the Top Chef camp this week! Thank you for such a wonder camp. ¬†As always, one of the favorite camps of my daughters!


My daughter, Shreya, excitedly waited to arrive at the camp each morning -- it was difficult for her to sit still in the car ride to the camp! In the evening, she could not stop talking about her experience during the day. She was learning without consciously realizing it! Thank you for creating such a warm, nurturing environment.

Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires

My kids still asking me to cook recipes from cooking camp; teach me about microbes; and Alec was so proud to make all his handmade airplanes fly!! We are very happy with the learning, fun and loving experiences at Celsius & Beyond.

Claire Lilienthal

You have made quite an impression on my daughter.  She is very actively practicing some of the healthy living tips she has learned at home.   I love to see her so focused and directed to make positive changes.  
It is very important for an almost 13 year old!   My husband and I are very happy with the way things turned out this summer!

San Francisco Day School

This is a wonderful camp and we look forward to having Kian continue at Celsius and Beyond in the future. Thank you.

Live Oak

Simona had a great time at camp this summer. We talk about germs, fungi and bacteria a lot. Now I just need a week of camp so I can keep the discussion going. Thank you again!         

Brandies Hill Day School        

It was a great week for us at camp. Wolfie was shy and didn't have a pal in the class, but he had a great time anyway. Thank you.

Stuart Hall for Boys     

Our daughter Nina loved science camp! It was very thoughtful of the school to put together a cook book of all the things the kids baked. Thank you for your dedication and making a difference!

Your camps are great: fun and interesting. My son loves them.

Lycee Francais La Perouse

Great science programs taught at a level that age appropriate. My child learned some complex science concepts in a way that was easy for her to understand and grasp (she's 2nd grade). Highly recommended!

French American International School

Very unique and fascinating theme for summer camp. My 5th grade daughter enjoyed each camps very much with in depth, hands-on learning in a fun environment. Two thumbs up!


We look forward to coming again. Everyone is warm and fun and helpful. There's always something delicious baking. Walking to the park is great. Science is empowering. And the groups are small, so the interior environment is not to loud or overwhelming. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Our son loved your camp. The staff was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. We'll be back for more science fun next year.

Town School for Boys

My daughter had a great time at Teen Girls Camp. Although nervous about the sensitive nature of the camp and the potential for embarrassment, she came home having had fun, having made new friends and having gained useful knowledge about what is to come in her teen years. The camp was a good balance of fun girl activities mixed with thoughtful presentation of important issues which opened the door for plenty of timely discussion at home.

Katherine Delmar Burke