Underwater Robot Building

Building an underwater robot for deep sea research (ROV)

Sundays, March 1, 8, 15, 2015
Grades 5-7
Hours: 10am-4pm
Fee: $360

A submarine pilot with unquenchable passion for marine research, Erika will lead a 3 meeting-long, high intensity engineering workshop, followed by an expedition.

Working in small groups, you will build a ROV, an underwater research robot by using hand tools and soldering microelectronics. We will also learn about marine technology design. Throughout the experience, there will be an emphasis on communication through social media, photography, and filmmaking. The end result is a well-rounded, empowered and inspired individual who can engineer the tools, plan the expeditions, tell the story, and collaborate on ocean exploration projects on a global scale. For our last meeting parents will be invited to join us and watch the ROVs in action.

The first two and half meetings will take place at Celsius’ studio on 140 Balboa Street. The last session will be held in a yet undetermined place in the city.

Limited spaces! There will be one group of 4 girls and another of 4 boys.

Led by Erika Bergman who is a manned submersible pilot by trade. Erika is also an enthusiastic ocean educator, marine diesel and steam engine mechanic, and a recipient of the 2013 National Geographic Young Explorer’s Grant. She graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Chemical Oceanography. Since then she has carried out submersible expeditions for research, filmmaking, and exploration in Seattle, Miami, Monterey, Roatan, Curaçao, Cuba, and Greenland. She is a contributor to the National Geographic’s Explorer’s Journal and openExplorer.