Making and Minding Your Own Beewax

May 2, 9, 2015

Bees are the greatest pollinating machine of agriculture.They are directly responsible for 80% of all fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat - valued at an estimated $15 billion annually.Without bees you would be eating mostly grass!

Despite their infamous sting, bees are quite accessible. Wearing a full bee suit you will personally meet the queen bee, her loyal workers and their working hive.You will learn how to set up your own bee hive, care for it and harvest its honey. Not all honey is created equal so we will blind-test honey from different neighborhoods around the city. We will eat fruits that bees pollinated, make candles out of wax, create body lotion with beeswax and bake honey cake. At the end of the workshop you will pack honey that you harvested yourself, to give it to the sweetest person in your life - your mother!

Meeting #1
Saturday, May 2nd, 9-4pm
Location: Bay View (to be finalized shortly)

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Meeting #2
Saturday, May 9th, 9-5pm
Location: Inner Sunset by 19th and Taraval


Ages: 8-12
Fee: $270