General Info and COVID-19 Rules

General Info and COVID-19 Rules

Fees and Policies

  • COVID-19 3 week-long sessions are priced at $1,500 per session.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations for any reason after June 1st, however partial credits on your Celsius account are available as follows:
    • More than 7 days cancellation notice prior to the start date of camper’s session, a credit for 80% of the total price paid.
      • Between 3 and 7 days notice = 20% credit of total price paid.
        • less than 3 days notice no credit for cancellations.
      • In the event of camp closure due to COVID-19 outbreak, 50% of fees paid on a prorata basis for missed days will be refunded. Such closure is expected to last 2-5 days. It is a shared responsibility and burden for all of us – families and staff to protect one another and keep everyone safe.
    • Please Note: We are sorry, but there are no refunds or reduction in fees for days missed due to illness, absence, last-minute vacations/trips, change in family circumstance during camp sessions, suspension or dismissal.
  • Discounts

    • Multiple Session Discount – Also applicable to siblings
      • Sign up for 2 sessions: receive a total of $40 off
      • Sign up for 3 sessions: receive a total of $75 off
      • Sign up for 4 sessions or more: $140 off or more (at $35 per session)
    • Refer a family who have never attended a Celsius camp before and receive either a credit of $75 off a future camp or a refund of $30 per referral. Further details can be found on the registration site. Sibling Excluded. No cross referrals accepted.

    Extended Care:

    • Early morning extended care from 8am to 9am
    • Afternoon extended care from 4pm up to 5pm.
    • Advanced payments (prior to start of camp) for all Extended Care are $12 per hour ($50/$100 for all 5 days for one/two hours per day).
    • Ad Hoc during the week of camp are billed at $15 per hour.
    • Pick up after 6pm will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per minute (no grace)
    • Extended Care is billed in one hour increments after a 10 minute grace period.

    COVID-19 Safety Policy


    • Campers will be grouped in “pods” according to their session.
    • Campers will stay with their same pod for the entire three-week session.
    • Pod size will be limited to 10 campers with some up to 12, depending on the size of the room
    • Each pod will remain in a separate room and will not interact with kids from other pods.
    • Two instructors will lead each pod and will remain with the same pod each week.
    • Children and youth must attend the first week of the session. Those who do not attend the first week may not join the camp later and will not receive any refund or credit (SFDPH’s rule)
    • Children will wear a facemask in classroom.
    when working in pairs or moving about in the classroom. They can take breaks while seated. We will provide one washable three-layer soft cotton mask for each child for free. They are very breathable. Masks are washed every Wednesday and Friday. Masks will bear the name of each child and will be kept in an individual mask holder in the classroom for the duration of the session. Campers will take home their mask home at the end of the session. We will use encouragement and appeal to reason when asking kids to wear masks.
    • If a child manages to lose their mask somehow, a new one will be issued, and your account will be charged $5.
    • If you would like your child to use his/her own mask, it needs to be reusable and have at least 2 layers of fabric.
    • Children will wash hands for 20 seconds between activities, before eating, after recess, and before leaving for home; approximately 7 times a day.
    • Children will sanitize surfaces and objects in the classroom twice a day. Including doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, desks, chairs, and objects such as PCR machines, keyboards, and polishing machines.
    • Staff will sanitize surfaces in the common areas twice daily.
    • Classroom windows and doors will remain open as much as possible.

    Sign-in rules

    We ask that you consider dropping off children in grades 2-5 at 8:45-9am, and grades 6-8 at 9-9:15. We know this is not always possible, but please try. This will help minimize movement and interaction.

    Family members and caregivers waiting outside to drop-off or pick-up children must wear face masks per SFDPH’s rules.

    We are sorry, but parents are not allowed to enter the building. If you have a shy small child, you may enter the lobby area only, wearing a face mask.

    Staff should remain 6 feet apart from parents and caregivers. Please show our staff you care and move about with this in mind.

    A staff member will take children’s temperatures with a thermometer upon arrival, using a “non-touch” (infrared) thermometer

    Sign in and out will be done using an app—detailed information to be sent separately.

    During AM drop off, a hygiene station will be located near the entrance for children and staff to use immediately upon their arrival.

    Please try not to have grandparents pick up campers. If you love someone over the age of 60, keep them away from busy places.

    Children with symptoms or fever will be sent home. Information about getting tested can be found here:

    Children – Recess

    All lunch and snacks should be provided by the parents. Celsius will not be providing any snacks or lunch this year per regulations. Please make sure you pack enough food for your child.

    Children should not share food. Lunch and snacks will be taken in either the classroom. There will be no cafeteria this year, regrettably.

    Sports with shared equipment or physical contacts, like soccer and baseball, will be played only within the same pod.

    Campers in each pod will wear over their shirts, a Dry-FIT T-shirt with a unique color of their group. Shirts will be laundered by the camp at the end of each week and will be taken home at the end of the session.

    Extended Care

    Extended care will be held in the large event hall, located to the left of the entrance in the new wing where the camps will be held. The hall is within the permitted size for mixed group use.

    The designated extended care area for each pod is clearly marked and will be separated by a “no-go” buffer zone where no pod member can enter.


    We accept cash, check, e-check and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover).  Reservations are not confirmed without payment received. Online registration and payment ensure immediate confirmation. Payments by check should be sent in within 3 days of making an online reservation or the spot will be released.