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Campers at Celsius and Beyond are guided through an exploration into a topic that excites them, and through these explorations, they emerge with transferrable skills that shape how they understand themselves and their world. To us, learning to think scientifically means learning to seek out verifiable information, evaluate evidence, and construct new beliefs and theories supported by the strongest evidence. Today more then ever people are required to navigate complex informational landscapes. Practice in scientific thinking can empower them to direct their own learning and to distinguish fact from fiction. As children and teens develop increasingly specific interests, they take on more and more responsibility for their own learning. We also believe that the critical thinking skills honed by scientists can be cultivated in all learners, not just those who want to become scientists someday. While it’s true that a background in science or engineering can often be a recipe for financial or career success, our camps simply aim to make learning fun, and make it stick. Because each new group of campers presents new opportunities to learn from the social, emotional, logical, and physical intelligence of their peers, no two weeks of camp are the same, and we think that’s a good thing. After all, today’s dinosaur-obsessed kid maybe tomorrow’s planetary science guru or neurosurgeon extraordinaire. Whether your child is a budding scientist, the next bigshot tech mogul, a social butterfly, a bookworm, or all or none of the above, the benefits of learning to think scientifically are clear. A Celsius and Beyond may satisfy your child’s curiosity for a topic they are already passionate about, or it just might awaken an interest in something new entirely!

Auritte Cohen-Ross

Auritte Cohen-RossFounder

It is hard to believe, but Auritte was once banned from doing any science experiment.

For her sixth-grade science project, Auritte built a lightbulb at her home in Israel and connected it to batteries.  Not satisfied with the results, she connected the light bulb to the electric outlet.  For a split second, the room lit up like a baseball field at night!  Then the fuse box burned, and her parents banned her from doing any science experiment without supervision.  Luckily, her teacher was not fazed by the near-disaster event and thought it was worthy of a good grade.

Auritte’s love for science has never ceased.  Over a decade ago, she got involved with her two daughters’ science school projects and was disappointed to see that they were not as “electrifying” as her own experience.  She then decided, in 2007, to create Celsius and Beyond, where kids can enjoy and experiment with science, with encouraging supervision.

Auritte spent 12 years in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley prior to opening her first science kids camp and is a cum laude economics graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia. 

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