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Work With Us!

Do you have a few weeks or months off from school or work duties?

What better way to make a meaningful use of your time than to inspire the next generation of scientists and world citizens?  Share your true passion for any science subject, and we mean ANY, with smart and curious kids.  While you will do good in the world, you will be paid well because we appreciate scientists.  We welcome PhDs, Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees.  We only care that you are well versed in your field and are passionate about your area of expertise. 

We offer programs in popular science topics such as genetics, botany, neuroscience, and marine mammals, as well as less taught subjects such as Love and Sex in the Animal Kingdom and Eco-Evo-Devo. Our students love them all.

We don’t discriminate.  You can be white, black or purple.  You can be male, female or unspecified. You can be young, ancient or ageless. You can be an American, a foreigner or from another planet. You’ve got the idea.  We only care about your talent. 

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Intern with Us!

We love to have our former students return to us as interns, as well as have new people join us.  For youth ages 15-17 we ask that  us directly.  No parents emails please. We need to see that yourkids are independent and responsible.

You will learn in a nurturing environment how to conductyourself, relate to others and be a good worker.  In the process, you will learn science and do fun activities and experiments. 

Please send us an email