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Celsius and Beyond

Celsius and Beyond’s science camps provide youth in grades 1-9 with an opportunity to learn, grow, and play while exploring scientific concepts and skills. Our summer camps for kids are unique. Our scientists instructors bring their expertise and love of science to create fun, educational camps that foster curiosity and confidence. Our weeklong deep dives distill the greatest hits of college-level science courses into activities designed just for kids.

We are proud to offer the San Francisco bay area’s best science camps since 2007, which inspire kids to ask questions about the world around them and point them toward the tools they’ll need to investigate. There is plenty of time for questions to allow them to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them. Hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and projects bring new concepts to life as students work collaboratively to solve problems. Each camp, regardless of theme, strives to equip campers with the imagination and confidence to think creatively and strategize in their missions while developing critical thinking skills.


Afterschool Program

Afterschool Program @ Your School Celsius Afterschool program is looking for a new home! If your school would like to offer a STEMS-based program, or if your group of 10 kids or more would like to attend a daily afterschool program at our studio (3rd Ave and Balboa), please contact us at 415.221.6161

Summer Camp 2022

Our science summer camp 2023 schedule is published each year in mid January. As always, we mix new and old subjects, keeping learning new things fresh and exciting. Be the first to know by joining our mailing list.

We will offer winter camp in 2022

Summer Camps 2023 Bay Area

Upcoming Fun Days August 2022

We would like to invite you to our last hurrah before summer is officially over and the school year begins! Register here for any of the three below single day camps!
Monday, August 15th: Angel Island with Your Bike and Hike
Escape San Francisco’s fog and head to Angel Island on the Ferry! Take along your own bike for a leisurely bike ride on this car-free island, enjoying the stunning view of San Francisco, Sausalito, Alcatraz, and the Bay. We will socialize as we eat lunch and play games on the lawn. At the end of the day, we will take the Ferry back to the city, seeing the city in literally a different light.
Ages 7 to 11 9am-4pm Drop off and Pick Up: Sue Bierman Park @ Washington Street
Please bring lunch, water bottle and extra food to help fuel us on this very active day.
Fee: $130 includes the round-trip ferry ride ****************************************************************************************
Monday, August 15th: Metalsmith - Wire Crochet Balls
Using colorful wires, you will crochet many beautiful mesh balls. Once you are done, we will mount them on a white string light to hang in your room for the most perfect ambiance when you host friends. You can also transfer them to your living room during the holidays for your entire family to enjoy!
Ages 11 to 14 9am-4pm Location: 140 Balboa @ 3rd Ave. Fee: $120 **************************************************************************************
Tuesday, August 16th Boat Day at Spreckels Lake
Spend a classic childhood activity building a wooden model boat with sails and your own design at our studio. In the afternoon, we will take the MUNI to Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park @ 36th Ave to sail them, holding a string attached to the boat. We will also enjoy people showing off their remote-controlled boats in this model boat heaven. At the end of the day, take your boat back home and enjoy many future family outings with it.
Ages 6 to 11 9am-4 pm Drop off and Pick up: 140 Balboa @ 3rd Ave.
Please bring lunch, water bottle and extra food to help fuel us on this very active day.
Fee: $130 including model boat
Daily rate: June 2: $120 / June 3rd: $100
Location for drop off and pick up for each day: Celsius' year-round studio at 140 Balboa St. @3rd Ave.
Drop off 8:50 am to 9:15 am Pick up: 3:45 pm to 4:10 pm
See you under the sun!
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    Science Spring Camps programs in Bay Area - 2022

  • Spring Camp Bay Area, CA March 28- April 1

    Registration for Spring Camp is not open! March 28 - April 1  

    Science Spring Camps programs in Bay Area:

    Science Workshop Bay Area, CA

    Inject your school science program with engaging and educational science experiments! Our workshops will add excitement about learning and science. Our 12-year experience as a science education institute, these experiments have proven to deliver the most impact and leave the greatest impression within a relatively short time. We are happy to spread our joy of science with curious kids.