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Celsius and Beyond’s science camps provide youth in grades 1-9 with an opportunity to learn, grow, and play while exploring scientific concepts and skills. Our summer camps for kids are unique. Our scientists instructors bring their expertise and love of science to create fun, educational camps that foster curiosity and confidence. Our weeklong deep dives distill the greatest hits of college-level science courses into activities designed just for kids.

We are proud to offer the San Francisco bay area’s best science camps since 2007, which inspire kids to ask questions about the world around them and point them toward the tools they’ll need to investigate. There is plenty of time for questions to allow them to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them. Hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and projects bring new concepts to life as students work collaboratively to solve problems. Each camp, regardless of theme, strives to equip campers with the imagination and confidence to think creatively and strategize in their missions while developing critical thinking skills.


Fall Full-Time Learning Camp

Last update: December 29, 2020

Registration for January is now open!

Tuesday, January 5th - Friday, January 29th

Our full-time learning camp enhances the educational experience of kids in grades K-6 attending online schooling (Zoom). Led by certified teachers, it provides children with a structured, and safe, learning environment. In the afternoons our professionals lead fun enrichment programs to help foster social interactions.

Sign up is by the month – if you so choose, you can commit to only one month in advance. We will remain open through May or until schools resume in-person learning.


January 5-29. Includes Jan 18th

February 1-26. Includes Feb 12th / Excludes Feb 15th

March 1-26

No learning camp March 29th -April 2nd

April 5-30

May 3-28. Optional June 1st -2nd

Planned schedule*:


- Zoom class - children use their laptops and headphones to attend Zoom classes required by their school. A certified teacher assists with any technical challenges and assures their participation in the class. Children can also work on homework during this time.

Lunch indoors and recess outdoors


- January enrichment classes: woodworking, metalsmith, art, beading, metaphysics, LEGO, art, sports games, and yoga. Enrichment classes change daily and are held between 2-3:45

After-Care (optional)

- Supervised safe free time.

*A final schedule for each grade is based on students’ school schedules.

To minimize the spread of COVID-19, we are taking the following measures:

1. Class size is limited to 12 students in a single grade.

2. Face masks are mandatory at all times indoors.

3. Handwashing and surface disinfecting will be conducted frequently. 4. High-quality HEPA air filters in each classroom

January Dates: Tuesday, January 5th – Friday, January 29th

We will offer a fun day outdoors on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 18th. If it rains, we will stay indoors.

• Tuition: $2,000

• Extended Care (4pm – 5pm): $175

• Sibling discount: $300 ($150 per child)

Classes are filling up quickly. If you are interested in joining us next month, it may be wise not to wait.

For this program, we accept payment in check, Paypal, and Venmo. This will minimize lost transaction fees in the case refund are required.

Cancellation Policy: a pro-rata refund will be issued if your school resumes full-time in-person learning (written proof required). While all other programs do not offer any refunds whatsoever, we will refund your monthly fee based on a pro-rata calculation of the number of days you will use in a month plus 7 days, if you exit our program during a month.

Location: 2266 California at Webster

Parents are required to send an updated immunization record from the child's doctor.

Please see our safety policy under "Camp General Info" blue button

Summer Camps in Northern California

Our 2021 science summer camp schedule will be posted this year on February 2nd.

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Winter Camp Bay Area, CA Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

This holiday season join us for fun camps that celebrate creativity and discovery.  

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Spring Camp Bay Area, CA March- April 2020

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Science Workshop Bay Area, CA

Inject your school science program with engaging and educational science experiments! Our workshops will add excitement about learning and science. Our 12-year experience as a science education institute, these experiments have proven to deliver the most impact and leave the greatest impression within a relatively short time. We are happy to spread our joy of science with curious kids.