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Celsius and Beyond’s science camps provide youth in grades 1-9 with an opportunity to learn, grow, and play while exploring scientific concepts and skills. Our summer camps for kids are unique. Our scientists instructors bring their expertise and love of science to create fun, educational camps that foster curiosity and confidence. Our weeklong deep dives distill the greatest hits of college-level science courses into activities designed just for kids.

We are proud to offer the San Francisco bay area’s best science camps since 2007, which inspire kids to ask questions about the world around them and point them toward the tools they’ll need to investigate. There is plenty of time for questions to allow them to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them. Hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and projects bring new concepts to life as students work collaboratively to solve problems. Each camp, regardless of theme, strives to equip campers with the imagination and confidence to think creatively and strategize in their missions while developing critical thinking skills.


Summer Camp Bay Area, CA

Summer 2020 Resigration is Now Open!

This year we will honor the 500th anniversary of the death of one of the most curious people in history:
Leonardo da Vinci
Long before the world coined the term STEM and then added an A to make it STEAM (for art), Leonardo saw the two as interchangeable. His scientific and inventive thinking informed his art and vice versa. He incorporated geometry, mathematics, optics, botany anatomy, and everything else on earth, into his paintings. That’s what makes him the quintessential Renaissance man.
Many children today would identify with Da Vinci. He was sometimes distracted and sometimes obsessively focused. He thought by visualizing concepts like math. He loved creating with friends. He sometimes procrastinated. He was very imaginative and was curious about everything. Da Vinci was like a kid who never outgrew his wonder years.
This year at our summer science camp, we will draw inspiration from Da Vinci as we think, create and imagine. Please join us for a great inspirational summer!
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