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Celsius and Beyond

Celsius and Beyond offers experiential science camps in  San Francisco Bay Area that inspire kids in grades 1-9 to love science and experiment in its many forms.  Every child is a unique natural scientist and the goal of our kids camp is to help them explore the connection between imagination and science. Our youth camp teaches kids how to think objectively, distinguish between facts and theories, and question common beliefs. Your child is welcome to join our summer camp, spring camp, and winter camp to experience a whole new set of topics and activities all the time. 


Summer camp

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" Carl Sagan.

Come discover with it us!
All Science Summer Camps programs in Bay Area - 2019:

Spring camp 2020 March-May 2020

*Spring Camp's schedule will be posted on February 2019

All Science Spring Camps programs in Bay Area - 2020:

In-School Science Workshop

Inject your school science program with engaging and educational science experiments! Our workshops will add excitement about learning and science. Our 12-year experience as a science education institute, these experiments have proven to deliver the most impact and leave the greatest impression within a relatively short time. We are happy to spread our joy of science with curious kids.