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Celsius and Beyond offers experiential science camps in  San Francisco that inspire kids in grades 1-9 to love science and experiment in its many forms.  Every child is a unique natural scientist and the goal of our kids camp is to help them explore the connection between imagination and science. Our youth camp teaches kids how to think objectively, distinguish between facts and theories, and question common beliefs. Your child is welcome to join our summer camp, spring camp, and winter camp to experience a whole new set of topics and activities all the time. 


Summer camp

This year we will be celebrating 75 years to the publication of Theory of Games and Economic Behavior by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern. This book revolutionized the study of economics and created a new field of scientific inquiry known as Game Theory. Game Theory is used to analyze real-world situations from traffic patterns to presidential races.

Winter camp Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

This holiday season join us for fun camps that celebrate creativity and discovery.

I can't speak highly enough of how fantastic the programs are - in terms of both substance and delivery. The teachers have consistently been terrific - high energy, deep knowledge and great job connecting with the kids to translate complex ideas into hands-on learning projects. Although it is just a week, the information that they teach seems to stick with my son for the long haul. Just this evening he was reminding me that he extracted DNA from a strawberry and how much fun the Ballistics Camp projects were.

We have recommended the Celsius and Beyond camps to many of his friends, and they have all loved it too. Auritte and the entire Celsius and Beyond team do a fantastic job and are completely committed to their mission. If I could give more than five stars I would. We are so lucky to have them as a resource here in San Francisco.
Lauren Greenfield Summer camp 2018
Celsius and Beyond is such a great experience for my 10-year-old daughter for many years.

Celsius is well organized, very fun AND very educational. My daughter comes home with details about her day that show me that the camp is an engaging and meaningful experience. Month or even years later she recalls facts learned that she takes for granted but we don't consider her young age.
She understands some advanced term, has ideas about topics that are quite complex in addition to wanting to go back and learn more!
Even camps that sound less scientific, such as metalsmith, come with a lot of engaging work and when she created jewelry it was not "kids beading " it was true "lost wax" technique!
She loved surgical and DNA camp. and all the outdoor adventure camps.
The counselors are smart, giving, dedicated college/graduate student who not only are pleasant but are great role models.
Auritte the director is a positive, energetic resourceful person and a pleasure to work with
Five star and BEYOND !
Paola Guglielmoni Summer Camp 2016
My 9-year-old daughter is SO excited for the upcoming dissection camp. She learned so much in surgery camp last year and she remembers a ton of it. It has spurred her interest in anatomy and physiology which is awesome. The other day we were at the orthopedist and she picked up all of the bone models in the exam room while we were waiting and was telling me ALL about each bone, tendon etc. And she remembered the names of the bones! All due to surgery camp. It was great :)

Leslie Yuan Summer Camp 2017
Pretty phenomenal experience for my 11 year old last year boy. We are in the East Bay and found Celsius and Beyond thru online searches. What a find! I was hesitant to commit to the SF commute but I knew from Day 1 it was one of those 'parent sacrifices' I would happily make for this unique experience. Last year he took "Anatomy" and every day they learned a different system in the body then dissected something to study the system experientially! Every day he came home exhausted from the mental engagement and was self-driven to learn more and share with us. This camp has been an opening for my son to see how his science/math passion can be applied to his future in a real AND EXCITING way.

Deana J. Summer Camp 2018