Summer Camp 2024: June-Aug. 2024

LEGO Robotics Inventor (Mindstrom) – Beginners - Beginners

  • Led by Ezra Sinasohn
  • Grades 4-6
  • Status Wait List

LEGO Robotics Inventor

Get a head start by exploring the world of building and programming by using the newest Lego Mindstorm® LEGO Inventor system.
Enter the world of robots as we learn how to build, program, and test our very own Lego robots. Learn how to build structurally sound robots and simple mechanical mechanisms. We will learn about how robots use logic and sensors to find out about, and act upon. the world around them. Learn to program robot movement with several types of sensors, and use them to make your robot do amazing things such as compete in suspense-filled obstacle course, a fun soccer game, and compete in a highly entertaining ‘sumo-robot’ competition!

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LEGO Robotics Inventor (Mindstrom) – Beginners
Ezra Sinasohn

Ezra Sinasohn

Led byEzra Sinasohn

Ezra has been building with LEGO almost since he was born. Like his brother Jared,  also a long-time teacher with Celsius and Beyond, he has built many off-the-shelf models as well as come up with his own creations.

He has worked with LEGO Mindstorms and has been a fan of his brother’s high school robotics team. He has a keen interest in how the world works and is looking forward to his AP physics and Math classes at Lowell High School. This is Ezra’s second year at Celsius and Beyond.


Fees and Policies


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3:45-4:15 pm Pick up
4-5:30 pm Aftercare