Theater and Drama of Science

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Theater and Drama of Science

Bring to center stage the ultimate drama of life: the captivating stories of scientific discoveries! Women who had to fight for scientific education and recognition. Scientists who were ridiculed and persecuted for their breakthrough discoveries. Scientists who grappled with the potential harm their discoveries could bring to the world.
This unique program introduces you to scientific concepts and phenomena and immerses you in the world of theatrical techniques. Engage in hands-on activities as you create costumes and bring to life numerous vignettes inspired by classical plays, weaving together the art of theater and the wonders of science.
Collaborate in teams to develop creative and critical thinking skills, fostering an environment where imagination meets knowledge. Join us on this theatrical journey where science takes the spotlight, and every discovery is a captivating act waiting to be revealed. Let’s ignite the stage with the thrilling drama of scientific exploration!

Plays List:

Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia – Mathematics and Chaos Theory
Lauren Gunderson’s The Half-life of Marie Curie – The Life of Marie Curie, a fearless champion of scientific inquiry.
Lauren Gunderson’s Ada and the Engine – Ada Lovelace, who dreamed up the computer
Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen- the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, nuclear fission, and WWII.
Bertold Brecht’s Life of Galileo – his shocking discovery that earth revolves around the sun.

On Fridays, parents are invited to our theater at 3 pm.

The play and number of plays presented will differ based on age group and group’ preference

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Theater and Drama of Science

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