Upcoming Fun Days: September 2023- May 2024

Chemistry – The Beauty of the Basics - Grades 2-4, Nov 21-23

  • Led by Andee Vo
  • Grades 1-4

Good to Know

  • $650

  • 9:00am - 4:00pm

    All camps hours
    9:00am - 4:00pm

  • 10 min driving

    All locations are 10
    minutes driving distance from each

Art boy


Join us for an explosive three days of chemical reactions! You will measure and mix common ingredients to create potions that change color, form, and sound. From an explosive Coca-Cola fountain to an acidity indicator, we will learn about the basics of what our world is made of. After visiting the famed DeYoung’s Anderson Graphic Art Collection, we will use chemical reactions to create cool prints using friendly chemicals that we will prepare.

The camp will include a walk for about 20 minutes to visit the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.

Hours: 9am-4pm
Fee: $360
Extended care: 4-5pm @ $45

Chemistry – The Beauty of the Basics
Andee Vo

Andee Vo

Led byAndee Vo

Andee is one of those teachers you are sad to depart from at the end of the school year. The kind that you remember for the rest of your life. A gifted certified teacher, Andee is known for her solid academic teaching skills and innate ability to help children grow emotionally. Andee has been a beloved and admired teacher for 12 years in private and public schools, as well as with Celsius.
Andee has a B.A. from UCLA in Political Science and holds numerous teaching certificates.