lego camp bay area
Summer Camps in Northern California: June-Aug. 2021

Lego Engineering - Bay Area, CA LEGO Engineering

  • Led by Jared Sinasohn
  • Grades 3-4
lego camp bay area

Engineering Summer Camp

There are 62 LEGO bricks for every person on earth. Luckily for you, you will have a lot more to play with while learning the foundations of building and engineering. We will have fun using LEGO TECHNIC Mindstorm to build cars, grabbers, Zipline racers, rubber band launchers tops, and catapults and learn basic concepts such as levers, wheels, axles, inclined planes, and pulleys. Using physics concepts of momentum, balance, centrifugal forces, traction, and energy, we will experiment and improve our designs.


Lego Engineering
Jared Sinasohn

Jared Sinasohn

Led byJared Sinasohn

Jared always loved to build with LEGO blocks but it was thanks to his inspirational instructors that he decided to focus on robotics. His LEGO creations models at home include R2D2, Ferrari F40 and a Lamborghini Miura that he built from scratch. For the past three years, Jared has been a member of the award-winning CardinalBotics Robotics team at Lowell High school.

Jared has been teaching robotics and engineering at Celsius for the past two years.  He previously was a TA at two camps.  He is currently an engineering student at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).